Sunday, January 6, 2008

Champion Elliptical Trainers - A Great Deal At A Great Price

You don't have to spend a fortune to get a great elliptical trainer. You may have heard people say that it's impossible to get a good elliptical for under $2,000. Those people have never tried a Champion elliptical.

Champion is a big name in the fitness industry. They make all kinds of products for all kinds of fitness needs. With the current trend of elliptical trainers, Champion began making their own machines, and they can't be beat for quality and price.

What Champion Elliptical Trainers Have

The Champion C44F is their most popular model. People who buy this model are always surprised that they can get such a high quality piece of exercise equipment for only $800.

If you're a gadget freak, you'll love the C44F. It has more programmable features than almost any other elliptical trainer at that price. Among the features it's packed with, the C44F has 9 program profiles that users can create themselves. It has 4 heart rate programs to help you keep tabs on your ticker.

Aside from these programmable features, it also has a continual heart rate program that measures your heart rate through the handle grips as you exercise. And, to help you watch your weight, the C44F gives you readings of your BMI and body fat level.

The Champion C44F has all these features and a nice, easy-to-read LCD display that has blue letters on a backlit screen.

The C44F has 16 different resistance levels to give you more or less of a challenge. This is great for athletes who are training and need a little extra.

The Champion C44F is connectible to your iPod or TV. You can hook up your entertainment center to its high quality, state of the art speakers. This way, you can enjoy your favorite shows or tunes while you exercise. You'll hardly ever see a stereo system this good on a machine this cheap.

Champion's machines are also known to be durable. With cheaper machines, this is a big consideration. Most cheap ellipticals are made with cheap parts, and that is why they break down quickly. Champion can boast high customer satisfaction with the life-span of their elliptical trainers.

Finally, Champions are comfortable. The C44F has a specially designed footplate that offers the most comfort possible. It's important to feel good while you're working out, and comfort is not something to be overlooked.

Champion is known for the wide variety of fitness equipment they offer. But, not everyone knows that they also make high quality elliptical trainers. For this reason, you might have more trouble finding a Champion elliptical at your local fitness shop.

The best place to lay your hands on a Champion elliptical trainer is from their website. If you buy directly from Champion, you can get their extended warranty and pay less because there is no middle man. If you want to save some real money on your Champion elliptical, buy around the Christmas season when they run sales. You might be able to get one for under $500!

Champion's ellipticals are not so well known, but they are a great deal at a great price. With all its programmable options, the Champion C44F is probably the best buy for under $1,000.


smc said...

I own the Champion C44f elliptical...but have not been able to use it for over 6 months. The roller has shredded (was installed by MFG incorrectly and destroyed over time) - but I'm unable to find a part dealer. Lamar Fitness, which bought out Champion Cardio apparently is out of business. I have searched endlessly online for parts dealers, with no success. Does anyone have any parts dealers that has parts for the C44F? With this expensive piece of equipment collecting dust, I'm anxious to get it up and running. Thanks for your help!

Beth said...

Do you know where to buy these? I might buy one from an ad but I can't find much info on them.

Bob C. said...

I have the same problem with my C44F wheel. I found this info online. I have tried a few emails to them over the last few weeks with no response. I tried again today and get undeliverable messages. I am going to try calling next.

This is the directory of their site and contains the "new" unpublished site.

LAMAR Health, Fitness & Sports, LLC
4699 Nautilus Court South #205
Boulder, CO 80301

Phone: 303-527-1777
Fax: 303-527-1782

Dealer Customer Service

Phone: 877-527-1777
Fax: 303-527-1782

Customer Service/Warranty

Phone: 877-861-2181
Fax: 303-527-1782

Please post your results.

smc said...

Unfortunately I've tried the LamarFitness route...and they are out of business - bankrupt. No forwarding information. In the last week, I found out from a fitness repair supply company that parts for the C44F are no longer available. I tried another site that was suggested, and no one had the part either. My last resort was to contact Champion directly - and while my email was not responded to with an answer, they gave me the "Champion Retail Service" phone number - 800-994-4348. I haven't called yet...and will post if I was successful. However, I am at the point, where we both have a very expensive piece of equipment that we'll never use again. Needless to say, I will never buy anything from Champion, or recommend anyone buy the C44F should retailers still have it available.

Bob C. said...

Thanks for the info. I guess the next step will be to look for another part that will work as a replacement. I will post anything that I find.

smc said...

If you do find one, I would definitely like to get a few....having this piece of equipment sititng there useless is driving me crazy. Thanks for the help!!!!

Bob C. said...

I did a google search for the address of the home office of Lamar fitness and found a realtor company that had the property listed. I contacted them for any info on the previous occupants and they forwarded my request to Kevin Lamar. He emailed me and I replied and told him what my issue was. I got a reply from him today and here it is.

Lamar Health and Fitness had the company assets reclaimed by Wells Fargo bank. The company grew fast and ran out of cash and the bank ceased funding. The assets are now owned by Star Trac and they are carrying and servicing the Lamar product. We have been servicing these products for months now so I am sorry you had not heard this. The old company is just a sitting shell with debt. Let me know a phone number and I will have a service Tech call you and get you the part to fix your machine.


It looks like we can go to and send a message to the service department for parts. I have a request in with them now and they are double checking that the part they have on file will work with the C44a elliptical. I will update this post when I hear back.

smc said...

Fantastic!!!!! Look forward to hearing back from you - sure hope this works out!

Bob C. said...

I got the replacement parts today. The sent me the whole arm because the wheel was redesigned and much larger. It wraps around the bar better. It was $40 including shipping. The person at star trac I talked to was Chaz Herrera

Lead Customer Support Technician

StarTrac Health & Fitness, Inc.

4699 Nautilus Court South #205

Boulder, CO 80301

Direct 303-581-6471

Toll Free 1-877-530-7782

Fax 303-530-2130

I don't know if they will honor warranty parts but at least it is working.

Good luck

smc said...

FANTASTIC! I will contact him and order this weekend - can't wait to have mine up and running again. Thanks for sharing your help and success in finding the part! Best of luck!

tle said...

I own a Champion eliptical and the bearings were going bad, making the foot piece sloppy. After reading the comments and finding out where to replace my part, I contacted Star Trac. They sent me a new bearing within 10 days- free of charge- under warranty and my husband has replaced it and it works great. Thanks to all of you who figured out where to get replacement parts. Too bad Champion doesn't make it easier to find the parts.

smc said...

I received my replacement rails on Friday ($53 for both rails with shipping), installed them Sunday and it works great. Actually works better than it ever did. Thanks to Bob C. for all of the legwork and posting the info!

Shelly said...

I want to thank all of you for your research. I have been searching for quite some time for replacement rollers for my Champion C44F elliptical trainer. I have contacted StarTrac and I am hoping for the best. I will post the results of my interactions with them. Thank you!!

Dana said...

OMG - I have a Champion C44F elliptical also and sure enough the rollers busted. i was sent replacement parts by Sears but the rollers were way smaller than the old ones and when i used it, the weels went off track and i lost balance and fell.. OUCH!! I'll be calling Chaz Herrera tomorrow for my new rollers... thanks again for all this information... i was about to toss the machine outside and put a "FREE" sign on it!

fredo said...

I contacted Startrac and they are now completely out of rollers. the are trying to find more , asked to recontact them in a month or so.

Stuper Rob said...

I purchased a used one for cheap, but it didnt come with the manual. I have no idea how to turn the thing on. Is it supposed to have a AC adapter that plugs to the wall socket?

bobabella said...

Stuper Rob:
Yes the elliptical should have an AC adapter for the LCD screen. It plugs in on the front down by the feet. I looked at mine and it is made by AHEAD, model ADC-0901000. The output is 9v DC @ 1000 mA. If you can't find one from the manufacturer I am sure you can use a universal one and find the correct barrel plug. It has a + center and - barrel. Hope that helps.

mgomez said...

i recently bought a campionship eliptical (used) and the prev. owner didnt have the manual.. does any one have a copy they could copy and scann or fax so i can figure how it works..thanks :)

mgomez said...

oops champion c44f elliptical (sp)

Judy said...

I need replacement rollers for my Champion C44F Elliptical. Star Trak no longer has those replacement parts. Does anyone know where I can find some? Or is there another brand of roller replacements that would work on the Champion C44F?

mgomez said...


Judy said...

Thanks for the suggestion. Actually I did call the service department at Star Trac. The only replacement rollers that they had were leftovers they bought from Lamar. Those are all gone. They could not give me any advice on where to look next. Any other ideas?

mgomez said...


Judy said...

I've had it 3 years but it doesn't get a lot of use. It's just a backup for when the weather is bad or injuries keep me from running. One of the rollers separated at the seam. Poor design?

Agent1 said...

My Champion wheel just broke. I called the StarTrac number and they do not handle the replacement parts any longer. Does anyone know where to get a replacement wheel or is it just a piece of junk?

Sam said...

My wheel also broke. Any ideas where I can get a replacement?

thisisreallymarie said...

both wheels are broken on my C44F. I got a new elliptical and i'll be getting rid of the C44F soon. If anyone needs any of its parts contact me at

youtube said...

Does anyone on this list still have their C44F machine that they could send me the wheel from? I have one wheel that is shredded and one that is good.

Please post back if you do and I will contact you.


bong said...

I have an Champion Elliptical that is only a couple years old.
I haven't used my elliptical for over 6 months also due to the rollers slipping off the track.
I have searched in vain to find rollers. I bought my elliptical from Sears. I always thought that Sears backed up everything they sell, but I was wrong.
What can I do to replace the rollers to my elliptical?

Omega said...

Just purchased a used Champipn C42F Does anyone know anything about the C42F? Hope my wheels dont wear out..Does anyone have any C42F parts they want to part with?

Sherri said...

Does anyone have any extra rollers or know where I can get rollers for a Champion C44F?

venessa said...

does any one want to part there elliptical out I need the pivot shaft that holds the handles on. we moved and the wonderful guys helping us lost the part

bong said...

We have a champion that my wife does not use anymore. Rollers may need replacing.

bong said...

Hi Venessa

We have a champion ellipitical that my wife does not use anymore. Rollers may need replacing.

Nicole said...

What is the model? And if your wife willing to part with the rollers if she doesn't use it? Thanks.

cneece said...

This just stinks! I just bought a used Champion c44f elliptical and used it 3 weeks and almost fell because the roller broke & slipped off. Anyone have any luck on getting more rollers? I would be willing to pay someone for an extra roller if they have one they're not using. Thanks so much!

ajp5f said...

I just got a champion c44f for free off the craigslist and just found out there's NO way to get the roller replacements. I spoke to several people and there are just no vendors left that srv for this model! Oh well, too bad this machine is basically brand new! Hope this helps

Hong Chien Pham said...

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Tammy Gregg said...

my roller broke, is there really no way to get a new roller, anyone want to part with their cff4 roller!